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Thread: Unofficial repos for new software?

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    Re: Unofficial repos for new software?

    Having moved to the easiest way to install Arch, EndeavourOS, which allows your choice of desktop during installation, and gets you into pure Arch, with the largest library of software available, period. And, once it's installed, it's easy to use. The biggest difference between Debian systems (like Ubuntu), Red Hat systems (Fedora, Open SuSe), and Arch (Manjaro, EndeavourOS) is the commands used to install software, apt for Debian, yum for Red Hat, and pacman (supplanted recently by yay) for Arch.

    Besides that, with possible rearrangement of system folders, those are, truly, the biggest difference between families of Linux (GNU/Linux, actually). Beyond that, they all run the same software and behave the same way.

    And keep asking questions!

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    Re: Unofficial repos for new software?

    Quote Originally Posted by u666sa View Post
    That is a load of balogna and I can prove it ...
    You have proven nothing beyond your trollish intent. The user did not say the latest release of software is used. "Frozen" means that software versions are chosen and locked in several weeks in advance, which is entirely factually correct.

    Case closed. It is, in fact, you who are wrong.
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