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Thread: Lubuntu site download links wrong

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    Lubuntu site download links wrong

    Not sure who to contact as it's not clear from the site, but when on the lubuntu site ( the following happens....

    - Main page has links to x86 and x64 images of 19.10
    - Downloads page shows "Latest" as "19.04" and has links for x64 19.04 (but it should be 19.10)
    - About page has x86 18.04 and x64 19.10 (but they should both be 19.10)

    I think someone needs to go back through and correct these things, but again, not sure who to contact.

    Can someone tag or alert the right person (or tell me where to put this info)


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    Re: Lubuntu site download links wrong is an unofficial website.
    The official site is
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    Re: Lubuntu site download links wrong

    I always use which has all the flavors.
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    Re: Lubuntu site download links wrong

    Not a technical support question. Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux & OS Chat.

    @realmx2, this comes up fairly regularly. Here is a recent relevant thread:

    Which has a link to this earlier thread: . There is a link in post #6 in that latter thread if you wish to know more about the unfortunate background to this.
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    Re: Lubuntu site download links wrong

    I'll add this.

    If you're unsure which site is official, it's best not to ask search engines, but seek answers from itself as it's under Canonical/Ubuntu control. Searching there you'll eventually end up at

    which will send you to the official web site for each flavor.

    You'll find other Lubuntu resources there too, such as (Lubuntu manual), (forum), (blog) to development (phabricator) and other resources...
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