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Thread: News App?

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    News App?

    Windows 10 has News and Apple has News+, does Ubuntu have a similar app? All I can seem to find are RSS aggregators.

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    Re: News App?

    Those applications are proprietary and so is the content provided. There would be no opensource equivalents. There are some graphical RSS applications, but I have not used them. The linked application should be in the repository though native to Kubuntu.
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    Re: News App?

    I prefer federated services, so RSS is a strong desire. I actively avoid centralized services unless they make sense and have incentive NOT to abuse that data.

    For that, I use a nextcloud addon, "News", to centralize my articles locally so every client has the same view and once I've read an article on any client, then all the others won't show it again. For me, that was the killer application - 1 view into what I've read or not across laptop, desktop, tablet and phone.

    When I'm leaving to a disconnected place in the world, I'll have both Wallabag and Calibre create different "magazines" for me to read based on my interests. These are RSS feeds, bundled into an epub file. Or Wallabag, which is a read-it-later clone, can provide those web pages to my phone or tablet for offline reading. Very handy for nice spring days in the park, sitting under a tree, or in an airplane/train or on a bus for 6 hrs.

    I did try to use the Thunderbird news reader, but that just wasn't sufficient for my desires.

    Perhaps there's an android news app that has an Ubuntu port? I know that amazon pushes their News on their Kindle and Fire tablets. But they all do tracking, like most curated news feed providers, so I block them and don't use those programs.


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