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Thread: constant cups/printing issues

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    Re: constant cups/printing issues

    ps as to the proprietary driver, it worked right out of the shute without that and then disappeared.

    r u saying that while it showed up to start with, the proprietary driver is necessary for gui use (i have downloaded the one linux driver they have but wanted not to install it until I heard back from you...again, looking at this as a kind of building block scenario

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    Re: constant cups/printing issues

    You need to install drivers, not reinstall CUPS.

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    Re: constant cups/printing issues

    Quote Originally Posted by nrs1 View Post
    ok, decided to at least try this:

    lp -d mf634 /etc/nsswitch.conf

    the result was activity at all...unless I am missing something. i put this in terminal exactly as you sent it....and it went right back to the basic prompt.
    The two-line setup I gave you is the most fundamental way of getting a modern printer printing. There is nothing more fundamental available. If it does not work, you have either a broken printing system or a broken printer. (BTW, your avahi-browse outputs show that your printer does not require any Canon drivers).

    at risk of repeating, as I do appreciate what you are doing...i switched from mint to ubuntu figuring I would find more people to help me with issues......but even if all of this via terminal works, i need to understand why all the failures....per my questions, above, so I hope you will kindly take the time to address all that.
    It's like this: I read HELP..PLEASE......I am in a mission critical environment.....and I desperately need to fix this.... and thought a 5-minute solution would be appropriate. Addressing the cause of failure would take much longer.

    I will give you one diagnostic to try: execute
    and give us the output.

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