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Thread: Linux games with controller support

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    Linux games with controller support

    I'm on an old laptop with Ubuntu installed and sadly the left & right arrows are unresponsive so the classic way of playing games with navigation (ie: racing) isn't available. I got a TBS (turn-based strategy) game on steam (supporting SteamOS + Linux) so I'd rather get something which its main gameplay (it could be secondary) isn't strategy-based. And since my set of arrow keys isn't complete, it would either need to not use them (I think the vast majority of games do) or use a controller. I'm mainly hoping for racing and space navigation.

    Thank you kindly

    Update 1: I usually search Steam for games <= 24 CAD (on the day of this thread creation = 16.16€ = 18.01 USD), but if something is--great--I'd consider spending more.
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    Re: Linux games with controller support

    You may find this search helpful.
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    Re: Linux games with controller support

    get a usb keyboard for 12 EUR and plug it in. enjoy the fun.

    laptop keyboards are not ergonomic anyway.

    many GOG games will work well in wine (some i tried ArxFatalis, Torchlight, Oblivion, FEAR, Red faction 1 & 2...). not sure if Call of Duty 2 is on gog but it sure works well in wine. same goes for COD4 modern warfare. Torchlight 2 has linux version. all more depends on what kind of configuration you have. on the old, low end laptop (AMD E-450, 2 GB ram of which 512MB is taken by GPU) i so far tried openMW. i also know that enemy territory, the old return to castle wolfenstein (RTCW:COOP has linux implementation), world of padman, quake 2, jedi academy and jedi knight 2 (engine implementations) all work. Halo, half life 1 and mods should also work well. on the windows side i used to play left4dead on this laptop. that one should work in wine. so hl2 probably also works, maybe with some settings reduced.

    some older games have new engine implementation. OpenMW for example, Jedi knight2, Jedi academy, Doom...
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