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…Everything you do on a computer is traced to you. There is no anonymous network or the operation of one.

Only a slight disagreement here, but still a disagreement.

It is possible to anonymize some activities over the Internet, but it is much harder to do so than most people realize and requires a level of knowledge that most people are unwilling to learn along with a discipline most will not follow.

  • TOR can be pretty effective at anonymization—until the user visits some site and then proceeds to enter personal credentials (duh), or thinks they can torrent illegal files only to be de-anonymized when their torrent starts seeding.
  • Likewise, a VPN can anonymize, but only if it's used very very judiciously and with a ton of other anonymization measures in place.
  • Most people are not even aware of browser fingerprinting, much less know what to do about it.
  • What is even the point of anonymity for someone who insists on using Facebook, Whatsapp. Twitter and Instagram?

I would suggest, perhaps, that it might be more accurate to say: anonymity is possible, but the way most people use their computers and phones makes it impossible.