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Thread: Wifi stops working inexplicably

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    Wifi stops working inexplicably

    Hi, I'm installing Ubuntu 16.04 (yes) on a 2011 MacBook Pro and am having trouble with the WiFi. It worked while I installed it, and it had no problems after I rebooted it. But then I performed an update, and now no networks are listed. When I run "nmcli device status" I get:

     device type state connection
     wlp2s0 wifi disconnected --
     enp3s0 ethernet unavailable --
     lo loopback unmanaged --
    "nmcli general status" says there is no connectivity. I've set the REGDOMAIN to the correct country code. I've removed and reinstalled the Broadcom drivers and that didn't work. I tried installing 18.04 but it wouldn't boot after installing.

    Can I downgrade network-manager? (I've read in one thread that this solved it, but I've read several solved threads that don't work for me )

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Wifi stops working inexplicably

    Thread moved to Apple Hardware Users a more appropriate sub-forum.

    Hi, please click on the wireless script in my signature, follow the directions for running it and posting the results back here using the pastebin link created.

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    Re: Wifi stops working inexplicably

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Here is the output:

    I next followed the Broadcom steps, and purged then installed "bcmwl-kernel-source". But no change.


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