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Thread: ubunto research project

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    ubunto research project

    Hello. First of all, sorry for the non-related post.
    We are two students from the University of Copenhagen who are very interested in online forum communities and their users. We find this forum to be very interesting to our project.
    We hope that you will give us 2 min of you time to answer this survey and contribute to our research
    Thank you very much
    - Atle & Christian
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    Re: ubunto research project

    I moved your thread to the Resolution Centre as all requests to post a survey must have approval from the Forum Council, please see the following link as to the requirements to post a survey here most relevant part is:
    Surveys: Before posting your survey, please post a request in the Resolution Center. An administrator will respond to you to let you know if you can post it in the Ubuntu,Linux, and OS chat.

    Generally, surveys will only be granted to established members who have a significant posting history.
    Can only used to collect data on open source software, hardware, or licenses.
    State the reason why you want to post it.
    Have an end date.

    I just provided the above for your information, a Forum Council member must still reply to your request before you can post a survey.

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    Re: ubunto research project

    Your request does not appear to fit our guidelines in even the most superficial way.

    Your request is denied.
    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines

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