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Thread: ESXi VM Shrinking

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    ESXi VM Shrinking

    This isn't specific to Ubuntu, but the VM's in question are ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS so I figure folks here likely could help.

    I have an ESXi homelab and I very much accidentally assigned way to much disc space to some VM's that don't need it. I do have Veeam running on a Windows LTSC VM in case things go south, but I am not even sure where to start. The VM's in question are Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and they are running under ESXi 6.5 U2 and are thick provisioned. I am just not sure the best way to go about this at all. I am not even sure where to start.

    My Veeam backup of one example is 5 GB but I gave the VM 20 GB (its a VM that won't really grow for any appreciable reason on its own, and 10 GB would be PLENTY). Obviously, 10 GB isn't a huge issue, but I have a handful of VM's I could trim down similarly, and ~40 GB is non-trivial. Sure, another SSD for a second datastore is also ~50 bucks which is trivial, but still, homelabs are here for us to learn on, so I figure why not figure out how to do this....

    Any help would be great!

    TDLR; Need help shrinking an Ubuntu VM under ESXi that is thick provisioned.

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    Re: ESXi VM Shrinking

    I haven't used ESX/i in about a decade. Most people here will be using KVM, Xen or VirtualBox. I've used all of them, but use KVM exclusively now.
    There's a tool, qemu-img resize [-q] filename [+ | -]size
    From the qemu-img manpage, seems vmdk file from VMware are supported:
               QEMU also supports various other image file formats for
               compatibility with older QEMU versions or other hypervisors,
               including VMDK, VDI, VHD (vpc), VHDX, qcow1 and QED. For a full
               list of supported formats see "qemu-img --help".  For a more
               detailed description of these formats, see the QEMU Emulation User
    Backup everything before starting. Bad things happen sometimes.


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