The OEM, and other replacement generic adapters need to be rotated to different positions to maintain power to the lappy. I have even taped, layed the wire across the laptop around the behind the screen to put tension (works most of the time). I have opened the case and checked the jack's connection to the MB. It seems to be connected well with no movement. I see no gaps between jack solder points and mother board. My most basic thought is the pin size of the adapter. According to lappy's s/n label, the model is a Clevo N240JU. I've found varying pin sizes for the jack. 5.5mm x 2.5, 5.5x 2, 4.8 x 1.7. So, question is 1) is it the jack? 2) is the ac dc adapter? If its the jack I can replace it myself. According to the Clevo service manual, the jack is WTJ-020-71C. I can find the jack aftermarket, but no sizes are given. Any help is appreciated.