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Thread: GTK File Chooser options

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    GTK File Chooser options

    When I view my files in Nautilus, I can see the thumbnails of the files, or I have the option to only display file names. When I'm using my browser to upload files to the internet, the gtk-file-chooser does not give me the options to view thumbnails, and instead if I want to see the images, I have to click on them one at a time in the gtk-file-chooser to get them to show up in the file previewer. How can I change it so that I can see the thumbnails in the file chooser?


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    Re: GTK File Chooser options

    The only options you can change for the file chooser are found in dconf-editor under:
    org > gtk > settings > file chooser
    There is no option to change display from the list mode to thumbnails. Take a look.

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