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Thread: Ubuntu Crashes regularly

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    Ubuntu Crashes regularly

    I built a Ryzen 3 2200G system a while back and I rarely use it but when I do it practically always crashes.
    I'd like to solve it but I lost touch with linux for a while and am sort of lost at the moment.
    I opened the logs but couldn't figure out anything.
    Anybody can help?
    At the moment it freezes everytime I shoot the same guy in Tomb Raider. I don't thinik it's the game because it also freezes while youtube is playing.
    Might be graphics related. I only use the Vega graphics on chip and have no overclocking or weird settings. I also just updated the bios for my mobo Which is an ASUS B350M-A.
    Any help really appreciated. Please be specific because I reverted to noob level here.

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    Re: Ubuntu Crashes regularly

    Does this happen often or only during high CPU?
    Test with another OS, to eliminste hardware issues?
    Post output of sensors:
    sudo apt install lm-sensors
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