im using a lenovo ideapad c340 with Ubuntu 19.10 that comes with a touchscreen and an active pen 2.
for most of my usage time while plugged and "normal" laptop mode (meaning no tablet mode or use of stylus) i have no issues.

the issues start when i flip it to tablet mode and im using apps like chrome or qbitorrent...
chrome among other apps will start crashing and closing itself and all other apps currently open at the time randomly every five or 10 minutes with a "send error to ubuntu support" pop up eveytime

one of the things i have already tried is to go to
Settings->Devices->"Wacom Tablet" and.. nothing happens when i move stylus into proximity meaning to additional settings/parameters to set up appear for the stylus

whenever its not crashing...:
-using chrome with the extension "hand tool" stylus seems to work ok without being able to set up 2nd key
-on krita & xournal its working ok but every 2 to 5 minutes for a few seconds the pen/touchscreen will be unusable

since this is my daily driver i would really appreciate your help