Hi, I have encountered some keyboard issues on Ubuntu 18.04.4
I use Lenovo notebook, model: ideapad 330 and for now I encountered two problems with the keyboard

1) "SHIFT" + "HOME" / "END" doesn`t work properly! when I press "home"/"end" the cursor moves to the beginning or the end of the line, respectively, but when I want to select a line, the proper shortcuts don`t work as they should! I actually must press first NumLock and only then they work. Otherwise, I get typed 1 (at the beginning of a line) or 7 (at the end, respectively)!

But what is even more weird, when saving files, in the (file)name input field it doesn`t work that way either! In this case, pressing ""SHIFT" + "HOME" / "END" behaves like having pressed ONLY "HOME" / "END". In other words - it does NOT select any text!

2) Having migrated from Windows, I am accustomed to switch the language support using ALT + (Left) SHIFT. I found out that in Ubuntu this keyboard setting is impossible: when trying to enter this keyboard shortcut, it is ignored until you enter something else. Also, if you choose your own keyboard shortcut for next input (alt + a, for example) then the shortcut for the previous input is automatically shift + next input shortcut (and vice versa) Why can`t I select alt + shift, and why can`t I select custom shortcuts for both next and previous input source?

Though I seriously doubt it, could these two things be related together? I know I noticed the first problem after setting up language settings and other stuff
(following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLVtxpm5c2A), incl. installing some GNOME extensions and themes
(which does not mean the problem wasn`t there before, of course).