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Thread: Wifi hotspot

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    Wifi hotspot

    My computer does not have a wired network connection, it only has a WiFi card. In Windows 10 I can just click a button to turn my WiFi internet into a hotspot. As far as I can tell this is about the only feature in Windows 10 that I like. Can Ubuntu turn my WiFi connection into a hotspot? I read that if I had a wired network connection I could but I could not find anything on a WiFi connection. My laptop does not have a wired connection option at all that's why I'm wondering. I might be trying to do something that's not even possible.

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    Re: Wifi hotspot

    Most computers only have one wi-fi radio. So you should be able to create a hotspot, but then you won't be able to connect to the internet. There's a tutorial here that explains all the details

    It's also possible to buy an ethernet adapter so you can plug a wired network connection into a USB port, such as this one.
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