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Thread: start google calendar on boot

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    start google calendar on boot

    I want to start google calendar on boot. As far as I can tell it is synced with the gnome calendar but it doesn't turn on until manually started. I have searched for a solution and found a pile of them. that being the caswe perhaps somebody knows how to do this or can point me to a solution that works currently?

    the reason for this is that while I have appointments I put into google calendar which also turned up on the gnome calendar the notifications didn't go off and I almost missed an apointment. I think this was because google calendar was not on.

    Thank you.......
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    Re: start google calendar on boot

    To turn on any 'buntu app at start, just add it to "Startup Applications". Instructions as follows:

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    Re: start google calendar on boot

    It is not possible to start GUI programs that are dependent on a user session login at boot time.

    They can be started just after a GUI login, however. Different DEs have different methods to setup autostart programs just after a GUI login. It isn't useful to try starting a GUI program for non-GUI sessions, like over ssh, for example.

    The difference my seem unimportant today, but trust me, it is absolutely critical to understanding how Unix-like OSes, logins and GU sessions can be bent to our needs.


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