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Thread: keyboard & mouse lag with lowlatency kernel

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    keyboard & mouse lag with lowlatency kernel

    Actually I have two problems. I've upgraded to 18.04 and ever since I get horrible mouse and keyboard lag when I use the 5.3.0-28 lowlatency kernel. This has happened with every lowlatency kernel I've tried. The generic kernel works fine. I have an AMD64 box and I've read that this is a common problem. Has there ever been a solution for the lag?

    The second problem is I can't seem to get the Nvidia driver to work in the lowlatency kernel. It works fine in the generic. It's either the module isn't being built for the lowlatency kernel during upgrades or something is preventing the nvidia driver from loading. I get a small box where I'm given an exit button but no options when I start Nvidia Xserver settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    AMD Phenom 9750 Quad core
    8 GB ram
    Nvidia 750ti
    M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card
    wireless keyboard and mouse
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