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Thread: no grub bootloader visible, can't boot to windows

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    no grub bootloader visible, can't boot to windows

    I installed ubuntu to different disk and created second efi partition on that disk for bootloader. And even so in bios no other bootloader is showing. I clicked at start on custom install and than i created efi partition for ubuntu and than there was nothing else i could do. So i supposed that's it. But i don't have even grub now and computer boots straight into ubuntu ??? How do i boot to windows now wtf ???

    Please help i cant use my computer...

    I even tried boot-repair from live usb and it says, it needs to be booted from live usb in which i am... This is so idiotic and i didn't find solution to that... Have no idea how to repair this, i tried solutions from stackoverflow and all don't work..........,,

    I deteled everything with gparted and my windows luckily booted up. I am done with this system, it is bugged beyond belief, last time black screen after update and clean system freezing.
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    Re: no grub bootloader visible, can't boot to windows

    I expect the problems you had would have been avoided had you read the Official Ubuntu documentation on the subject at the link below which has been available for years.


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