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Thread: can't get the app running please help

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    Re: can't get the app running please help

    Quote Originally Posted by Holger_Gehrke View Post
    Packages for 64 bit PC-Systems are named amd64 because Intel had a different 64 bit architecture called Itanium which failed to get any significant market share, mainly because performance with existing 32-bit code was really bad. All PC-processors sold today use AMD's way of doing 64 bit programs no matter whether they are made by AMD or Intel. So unless you are in fact using an Itanium-based Workstation the *_amd64.deb file should run on your system.

    32-bit programs are named i386 in honor of the Intel i386, the first commercial 32-bit CPU.

    64-bit programs are named AMD64 in honor of the AMD Athlon 64, the first commercial 64-bit CPU.

    It's just nomenclature. If it's a 32-bit file, it'll work on AMD or Intel, and the same is true of 64-bit programs.

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    Re: can't get the app running please help

    Quote Originally Posted by nwicked View Post
    my system is i386

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. Please post the output from the commands
    uname -a
    in CODE tags.
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