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Packages for 64 bit PC-Systems are named amd64 because Intel had a different 64 bit architecture called Itanium which failed to get any significant market share, mainly because performance with existing 32-bit code was really bad. All PC-processors sold today use AMD's way of doing 64 bit programs no matter whether they are made by AMD or Intel. So unless you are in fact using an Itanium-based Workstation the *_amd64.deb file should run on your system.

32-bit programs are named i386 in honor of the Intel i386, the first commercial 32-bit CPU.

64-bit programs are named AMD64 in honor of the AMD Athlon 64, the first commercial 64-bit CPU.

It's just nomenclature. If it's a 32-bit file, it'll work on AMD or Intel, and the same is true of 64-bit programs.