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Thread: New Open Source scanner support

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    New Open Source scanner support

    The following are s400w based scanners that can now be used with SANE. They all look identical except for color and branding.

    • Century CPS-A4WF
    • Halo Magic Scanner
    • ION AirCopy
    • ION AirCopy E-Post Edition
    • iScan Fly
    • Kaiser Baas WiFi Photo & Document Scanner
    • Mustek iScan Air / S400W
    • Transcription Patri Kun A4 Wi-Fi Portable Scanner
    • 転写パットリくん A4 Wi-Fiポータブルスキャナー

    SANE support for these scanners is a 2 part process

    Install first
    This runs on Apache2 and php 7.0 fully tested and developed on Ubuntu 16.04. This can be installed to a network host machine or a local machine, as long as it has a wireless connection dedicated to the scanner in addition to your LAN connection. It can even be installed to a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. Then use the Web GUI to test scanning. Now that you have installed AirScan you should have eSCL Scanning support for you s400w based scanner.

    Install second
    This package is used to connect to eSCL scanners, or in our case to the AirScan software we just installed. I believe there is an Ubuntu repo there too.

    For Windows, and OSX users they can now use VueScan (a separate commercial product) to access the same scanner over the network, as once AirScan is installed, it will auto-detect as eSCL scanner in VueScan. Mac Users note that we still have compatibility issue with OSX apps scanning directly, but VueScan does work.
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    Re: New Open Source scanner support

    though these names all sound a bit exotic to me, thank you for providing the support for them.
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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    Re: New Open Source scanner support

    mastablasta ?? A reference to Arrow?


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