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Thread: Netplan equivalent of bridged network

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    Netplan equivalent of bridged network

    Sorry beforehand but I can't figure out what the netplan equivalent of this is. Any help would be appreciated.

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    auto br0iface br0 inet dhcp
      bridge_ports DEVICENAME tap0
    auto tap0
    iface tap0 inet dhcp
       pre-up tunctl -u MYUSERNAME -t tap0
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    Re: Netplan equivalent of bridged network

    tap interfaces are really slow. Perhaps you'd rather use a tun or bridge interface?
    Sorry, I can't directly help with the 18.04 aspect of the question. is the official reference for that subsystem. has examples. has a developer view.

    pre-up stuff has been moved into the systemd target-wants and depends system. It isn't available in the network subsystem anymore. Every startup service has dependencies specified in their config file. The goal of this is so Y won't be started until X is started and running. A quick analysis of those dependencies by systemd allows parallel startup for the required reverse-tree of services to get to the point that "networking" is up, before "multiuser" is up. Fairly simple text files are used.

    Take a look at /lib/systemd/system/networking.service file. See the After, Before, WantedBy entries? Any reference to a filename with .target in the name is a config file. Follow a few to see how they fit together.


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