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Thread: Ubuntu 18.04 keeps asking me to sign in.

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    Ubuntu 18.04 keeps asking me to sign in.

    After a clean install (hard drive was completely erased) and updates, every time I click on settings, or try to change the background, the screen goes to orange, no icons, my username pops up, and when clicked asks for my password. I am then let back into the system, but it's as if I didn't click on anything. As if I had just turned on the computer for the first time. Any open programs I had before the sign in are closed.

    I have a Ryzen 3, 8GB RAM, ASUS Prime B350M-A motherboard, Maxtor 1TB HDD.

    Just before I OK'd the updates, I was able to change my mouse from right had to left hand, and that has stayed. After the updates, I can't change anything.

    About the only think I can do is stuff on the Web, such as this forum. Trying to install or update anything, causes the system to ask me to sign in again.

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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04 keeps asking me to sign in.

    The login screen doesn't have anything to with it. Your graphical system is crashing for whatever reason, and the login screen is the first thing that gets displayed when the graphics (re)start.


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