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Thread: Best option for nVIDIA chipsets and upgrade discrete GPU's for 20.04?

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    Question Best option for nVIDIA chipsets and upgrade discrete GPU's for 20.04?

    As of 11 February 2020 I am sorting out how to keep an eMachines®/Acer® EL1210-09 upgraded with an msi® GT610 1GB DDR4 low-profile VDA (nVIDIA® GF119) and Shuttle® PC6300001 running like a top through an anticipated dist-upgrade from 18.04.3-LTS Bionic to 20.04-LTS Focal. The EL1210-09 packs an nForce® 785 MCP chipset (with integrated 64-bit geForce® GPU C77), which I needed to by-pass for sufficient video memory; as of 11 February 2020 the EL1210 shuts down and reboots properly on the nVIDIA® CUDA™ driver package for the GF119, despite support being withdrawn from the C77 itself. (The nouveau drivers always seem to run into the no-power-off issue with the nForce, where it halts after "[ OK ] Reached target Shutdown." and doesn't actually power down or reboot.)

    Do the Kernel Project and/or X Organization have a fix in progress for the no-shutdown issue with Nouveau; or should I prepare to use the CUDA driver package for Focal (as i am doing for Bionic)?
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    Video Drivers:
    nVIDIA® nForce® chipsets require discrete GPU's up to Kepler and the nvidia-current metapackage.
    Most intel® ExpressSets™ and AMD® RS-Series are fully supported in open source.

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