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Thread: Lubuntu 18.04 can't connect to wi-fi

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    Lightbulb Lubuntu 18.04 can't connect to wi-fi

    Hi all
    I got my old netbook with pretty modest hardware and decided to install Lubnuntu 18.04. During installation I have connected to my wi-fi network. But after installation I don't have any connection, though laptop sees network.
    Wireless adapter is Atheros 9285.
    What I have done: edited blacklist.conf, added ath_pci to /etc/modules - but nothing helped.
    rfkill list -all
    shows empty results
    sudo lshw -class network
    shows my wi-fi adapter is UNCLAIMED.

    Any thoughts on how to fix it? Cause I need this laptop tomorrow morning and if nothing works - will have to install another distro (wi-fi worked on mint, but it dramatically slowed down performance).

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    Re: Lubuntu 18.04 can't connect to wi-fi

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    I think you may have had an issue with a kernel update during the install that left you without the kernel modules for your wifi. In terminal do
    dpkg -l | grep linux
    I would suspect the linux-modules-extra that matches the newest kernel version is not installed


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