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Thread: Can't Disable Lock Screen

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    Question Can't Disable Lock Screen

    I can't seem to change the setting. When I toggle the button, it immediately toggles back to the previous value. Any ideas?

    Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock

    18.04.4 LTS

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    Re: Can't Disable Lock Screen

    I have the exact opposite problem. I *want* a lock screen, and somehow now I can't even start it manually without logging out entirely.

    I recently switched to a Ryzen computer and updated from 19.04 to 19.10, so I'm not sure which did it.

    When I go to Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock it just says "Off" and clicking on it gives me a box of all greyed out values. I feel like I need some helper program or it needs elevated privileges and doesn't ask properly or something.

    I can't even hit ctl-alt-L to lock my screen when I leave my desk. Heck, it didn't even load a lock screen on return from suspend!

    How can locking the screen get disabled without serious effort?

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    Re: Can't Disable Lock Screen

    Disable the screensaver and auto suspend-
    You can use this extension named caffeine
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