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Thread: Desktop does not launch after login

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    Desktop does not launch after login


    Since this morning, when my system starts, it displays the login screen as usual, but once my password typed the "cancel" and "next" buttons get disabled and nothing append. This is not a bad password issue since when I type a bad password it clearly indicates me the password is incorrect.

    However I am still able to switch to another TTY with [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F2], log in and run the startx command.

    I already found threads advising to reinstall gdm3 and ubuntu-desktop, but it did not help.
    I also tried to remove ~/.Xauthority and ~/.ICEauthority without success.
    Removing /tmp had no effect.

    Not being a sysadmin, I have no idea how to diagnose this problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am running Ubuntu 18.04, let me know how to provide any other information to help resolve this issue.
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