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Thread: W10 insist on mounting an SD card ext4 partition

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    W10 insist on mounting an SD card ext4 partition

    I'm using a disk-less mini PC.
    First W10 was on the 64GB EMMC .
    I used a 64GB sdcard in NTFS and assigned it letter E in W10.
    To try Ubuntu I splitted The EMMC to make a 20GB ext4 partition.
    For good measure I also splitted the SD card. It's second 20GB ext4 partition is mounted as /home.
    Every thing is OK on the Linux side.
    But for some reason W10 affects the letter E to the ext4 partition of the SD card and tells that a format is needed.
    It refuses to ignore the partition and free letter E so that I can mount The NTFS sd card partition where it should be.
    The only way I found to free letter E was to boot W10 with 2 USB dongles and un-mount them later.
    Is this another bug or am I missing something ?
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    Re: W10 insist on mounting an SD card ext4 partition

    A solution to your windows problem would probably have a better chance of being resolved at a windows forum. A default windows doesn't recognize and can't read/write to a Linux filesystem Additionally, windows does not as a matter of course use drive letter on Linux partitions. Probably sees the filesystem is not a windows filesystem and therefore suggests formatting.


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