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Thread: I can't seem to post...

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    I can't seem to post...

    Sorry to be annoying, but I've tried to post two things and neither of them seem to have worked... I didn't want to type in my actual post again as it was kind of long...

    So, hope this works!

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    Re: I can't seem to post...

    Moved to FF&H.

    Post successful !
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    Re: I can't seem to post...

    If your post was long and you were getting a "security token" warning, simply shorten your post or break it in two. There is a size limit for posts. The "security token" thing is a bit of a red herring.
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    Re: I can't seem to post...

    Quote Originally Posted by mjmogo View Post
    I didn't want to type in my actual post again as it was kind of long...
    Just to add. If you have a long post, it's a good idea to draft it in a standalone text editor first, save a copy, and then copy-paste it into the forum reply editor. If you experience a server glitch, or drop in your internet connection, you won't have to re-type it all. I learnt this the hard way!
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