AMD/Radeon apparently has support for GPU rendering for Blender,
but ONLY on the LTS editions of Ubuntu,
ONLY ?on a version of Ubuntu that doesn't have Blender installed already, but does have it installed into /opt or something?

Anyways, I've never figured out how to get their ProRender to install into UbuntuStudio,
& maybe it isn't even possible..

However, since they support ONLY the LTS editions,
this info needs to be acted on soon, right?

PLEASE get some script, or something, for getting AMD's ProRender installed into UbuntuStudio.org on the one coming out this April!

Being limited to the 2012 motherboard I'm in, or a GPU I am prevented from using,
the Blender settings I need to use ( samples = 4 ) to make it usable, if slow, make it impossible to approximate workFLOW, see?

Anyways, maybe you're already working on it, & this is redundant...

IF this helps, good!

if not, ignore it or delete it!

Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen, eh?

( :