This is just an FYI, from my perspective:
the Realtek 8812au driver is utterly broken.
I use the external one, off Github, & NOW it works right
( whomever fixed it recently, so 1 portion of the kernel no longer goes bananas, with 1 core saturated with kworker,
& me unable to shut-down/poweroff completely,
whomever you are, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! : )

Anyways, it may be that some fix in the last few days changed something so the distro-version now works,
but as of a couple of weeks ago ( mid Jan 2020 ) it was broken.

I'm using a USB dongle for wifi.

If this info helps, good.

If you want me to try the current edition of the distro version, I will.

I suspect it may have something to do with the version of the kernel being not the stock version...

Hope this helps!

PS I was prevented from adding
realtek 8812
as a tag, only permitted to use existing tags, which are for other drivers, of course...
that, itself, is a UI bug.