As part of the process to remove python2.7 some packages are no longer built though python2.7, python2-minimal, ect, are.
It's received a symlink of python2, the previous symlink of python is no longer provided.
Whether there is any future move to use the command of python for python3, no idea, a bug report on less doesn't indicate so..

For the few that still use python2.7, if it's an editable text file one could simply change the shebang to python2.
However there are cases where editing isn't possible so here a simple restore of the symlink.
sudo ln -sf '/usr/bin/python2' /usr/bin/python
$ file /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/python2
/usr/bin/python: symbolic link to /usr/bin/python2
/usr/bin/python2: symbolic link to python2.7