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Thread: Broadcom wireless initially worked, now balky

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    Re: Broadcom wireless initially worked, now balky

    tea for one, I went to the MX Linux Forum (since, as I reported, I run that distro on an Acer Aspire One) and conveyed my improved experience on the ThinkPad X131e (compared to when I booted from my MX Linux Snapshot USB compared to what I'd been getting with Ubuntu and the wireless drivers it installs. I heard directly from two of their developers and, while I don't know about any agreement or special assistance, they *do* ship with proprietary Broadcom drivers that they said specifically work with the BCM-4313.

    I made the decision to juggle around some of my distros and install my MX snapshot on the ThinkPad....and voila! Instant wireless connectivity and massively improved download and upload speeds compared to what I was getting when Ubuntu was on it (that is, when there was even enough signal to load a web page and not get time outs! So I really appreciate your "heads up" on this!

    In the Manjaro forum (the other distro in the dual-boot that was facing the same problem with the BCM-4313) I was even getting strong suggestion that I needed to flash the BIOS. Yikes! To the credit of the Ubuntu forum, I don't recall anyone suggesting going quite that far (which was waaaaay out of my comfort zone and, as it turned out, was like the old expression "driving a nail with a sledgehammer!). But your info (leading to my decision to put MX Linux on the ThinkPad) cured the problem without flashing the BIOS or even replacing the wireless thanks very much! I'll see if I can put Ubuntu Budgie on another device.

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    Re: Broadcom wireless initially worked, now balky

    I had a look at your thread on the MX Linux forum and your desire to find a practical solution is admirable.

    The answer supplied on the MX Linux forum stated
    we ship with both the free-but-proprietary broadcom-sta drivers and the opensource b43* drivers. On first boot of the live system, we make a decision about which driver to enable based on known broadcom parts. usually, but not always, the broadcom-sta drivers are selected to be used.
    Yet they also stated that Ubuntu will install the same driver after installation.

    I have found that my HP Stream (Broadcom 43142) suffers fewer connection interruptions with MX Linux than Ubuntu/Xubuntu although the same driver is used. I really do not understand this outcome but, like you, I use MX Linux on this HP Netbook purely for improved wireless connectivity.

    Anyway, it is interesting that you have reached the same conclusion as I did and I am pleased that I was able to provide some sort of pointer.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Broadcom wireless initially worked, now balky

    In Ubuntu Network Manager has the ability to enable wifi power management and this can cause issues, to disable run these 2 commands in terminal
    sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf
    systemctl restart network-manager.service

    The statement about the open source drivers not working with the BCM4313 is false in some cases as mine worked fine with bcma and brcmsmac modules from the kernel

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