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Thread: back up suggestion

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    Exclamation back up suggestion

    When running ANY back up application remember to turn off the auto-sleep, auto-shutdown, auto-do-anything.
    It killed my back up, don't let it ruin yours!
    Might be a good suggestion to put in backup software instructions of any type.
    Best place to put message - just after starting the back up.
    Might even have an search for "auto" anything and post warning.

    When running back ups turn off the auto-sleep, shutdown, other-auto-startups or terminations.

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    Re: back up suggestion

    Actually sounds like a problem with the application. What package was this so I can avoid it in the future?

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    Re: back up suggestion

    Killed your backup in what way?

    Did the whole process stop never to start again or was the backup archive, or whatever form it was in, become corrupt and unusable?
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    Re: back up suggestion

    if system had an app working it shouldn't go into auto sleep.

    it really does look like the app problem.
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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