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Thread: Elementary OS Ayatana Indicators vs Ubuntu Budgie applets

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    Elementary OS Ayatana Indicators vs Ubuntu Budgie applets

    Hi this topic is directed at those who understand whats going on under the hood of OS Elementary Juno and why they have adopted a new tray icon methodology, whereas Ubuntu Budgie goes a different route, using applets.
    I do not understand this, but Im an old Elementary user and Juno seems to be very limited and restrictive for developers wanting to show notifications, whereas the route Budgie devs has taken seems to work extremely well.
    Would anyone educate me enough so Im not biased in any way, as I intend doing a review on both latest releases in the near future and at this point in time Im finding Elementary seems to be crippled in the tray area; Ayatana no longer applies to Juno, and even after my trying a workaround, that was not satisfactory either.
    My question is do you consider Elementary OS Juno method of using the docks icons for notices better or worse than Budgie notification applets and why?

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    Re: Elementary OS Ayatana Indicators vs Ubuntu Budgie applets

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat a more appropriate sub-forum.

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