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    Re: Need advice for installing Lubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by sudodus View Post
    It will probably work well enough until you install a new hard disk drive (or SSD if you want to be modern) with an installed system according to that link.

    But on the other hand, it might also work to replace the cloned live-only Xubuntu system with a persistent live system in the USB thumb drive. mkusb can do it for you. And that system should also work well enough to install and run solitaire and an email client, and due to the way it manages the memory it will not wear the drive as much as an installed system.

    Whichever method you use, I think it will work. Good luck
    Thank you sudodus,

    I made a persistent live system on a USB thumb drive using the mkusb version dus, but the USB thumb drive does not appear in the boot menu for his PC. His PC is a Samsung (specs) running on Windows 8.1 Pro. The USB thumb drive also failed to boot on my Acer E5-575 ( specs ), which is just a couple of years old, see the attached photos (Acer Boot Failures 1 &2) of the boot menu screen in sequence for the booting of the Acer E5-575.

    On the other hand, the USB thumb drive booted and worked in my Lenovo Y510 ( specs ) and my Qosmio (Toshiba) G55-Q804 ( specs ). See the attached boot photos (LenovoY510 Boot Successes 1 & 2), the second of these photos shows the 5 different Xubuntu live with persistence choices I was given to boot into (sorry about the shakiness of the photo).

    I suspect the difference between failures and successes has something to do with Classical Boot vs UEFI booting procedures.

    QUESTION: Is there anything I can do to remedy the problem of the thumb drive not booting up (or even showing on the boot menu) for my friend's PC, Samsung (specs) ?

    As an aside, after the failure described above, I started to try to make a USB thumbdrive with a fully installed Xubuntu on it as described in the article Run Ubuntu 18.04 From USB Stick using the Qosmio (Toshiba) G55-Q804 ( specs ), but when I got the part of creating a "/dev/sdc2 EFI System Partition of 512MB," there was no "EFI System Partition" choice on the drop down menu for "Use As" in the "Create Partition" box. I am thinking that the lack of a choice may have to do with BIOS vs UEFI (or EFI) in the Qosmio (Toshiba) G55-Q804 ( specs ).




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