I dual-boot Manjaro MATE with Ubuntu MATE. I use Manjaro for my daily driver to have the apps which Debian no longer supports, and therefore, Ubuntu doesn't. I also got tired of using PPAs, one of which stopped updating in 2014, iirc.

Manjaro itself has packages for some of those programs, and the AUR has the rest. Arch-based systems download source code from the AUR, install every dependency, and compile the code automatically. I have my must-have music program, Aqualung. With Ubuntu I, even with experience, took 25-30 minutes to compile it myself, and had to compile GTK2 to boot.

Manjaro took 5-6 minutes to compile it. For me, I choose Manjaro for the much larger software availabiliy.

I started with Ubuntu 8.04, and I love Ubuntu MATE, but software matters more.

Manjaro is as easy to install and as user-friendly as Ubuntu, and that makes it very easy to start with. Ubuntu's original slogan was "Linux for human beings." Manjaro is "Arch for the rest of us."