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Thread: Vertical stripes appear on certain colors

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    Vertical stripes appear on certain colors

    I'm a new user to Ubuntu 19.10. This issue has been happening since the OS installation. I've attached an image to show what happens.

    When I boot the system everything is normal, then after an hour or so these static stripes appear. They are mostly visible on gray and light blue. I've tried to use the 435 and 430 Nvidia drivers (RTX2070, Force Full Composition Pipeline is active), the Nouveau driver makes videos have awful tearing.
    There are a couple things that temporarily fixes this: Turning the monitor On/Off, changing display modes e.g. from Single Display to Mirror mode. I run a dual monitor setup.

    I've been playing around with the display settings and I've found out that when Mirror Mode is active I don't get this issue, but as soon as I choose Single Display the lines appear. I tried disconnecting the second monitor from the GPU and then Single Display doesn't show the stripes but Mirror Mode does.

    I'm not sure what else to try to permanently fix it.
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    Re: Vertical stripes appear on certain colors

    Hello vitor-g and welcome to the forum.

    Please use the attachment facility by clicking on the paperclip or use url's for images because apart from bandwidth issues for some, it makes it difficult for those using mobile devices to browse the forum.

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