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Thread: Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

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    Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

    I've had my desktop on Ubuntu for a good while now and did a lot of Minecraft. Averaged 40-50fps near all the time. I just redid my computer to dual boot with Windows 10 so I could look into some mmorpgs again and loaded up Minecraft. A whopping 18fps max. Less than half of my average on Ubuntu. I had a good laugh. Thought I'd share that with everyone. I know the game is very CPU intensive. Apparently Windows cut's my available cpu in half nearly. Not sure if it's a direct translation to fps but either way.

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    Re: Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

    and the CPU is ?

    btw does minecraft still need oracle java? cause i had some issue getting it to run on the new build yesterday using openJDK.

    EDIT: Far cry 2 on windows XP works with FPS drops, lag and resolutions set to 800x600 and every GPU setting set to low. the system have is really old, but still well within system requirements.
    same PC, linux side - the game runs well on medium settings. no FPS drops & lag, just occasional sound stuttering here and there. not really an issue. a fluent experience. and it's a windows game.
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    Re: Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

    i5 3470 w 8gb of ram. mine seems to do just fine on jdk 11. for reference when i was playing wow on this machine it would max the game at 100 fps. rx570 to the rescue.


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