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Thread: Samba, can't acess new hdd.

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    Samba, can't acess new hdd.

    I made another thread here about how I couldn't format my 4TB hdd correctly... I think I "may" have gotten it, but now I can't connect to this HDD. I have a W10 desktop and I can still connect to my other drives that are on the server. When editing the fstab, I essentially just changed the UUID with the new HDD's UUID thinking it would be that easy. I think my mounting location's owner:group got changed, so I fixed that. Still can't connect. I ended up making another folder, /srv/four and another Samba share and restarted. It worked! Problem was I forgot to change the mounting location in fstab. As soon as I changed fstab to /srv/four and then command mount -a, it broke... Could it be because the drive is not formatted correctly still or ? I had also made a test folder before changing from /srv/one to /srv/four and it carried over, but can only see it on the command line. My other two shares/drives still work, just not this one I'm trying to setup.


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    Re: Samba, can't acess new hdd.

    It helps to actually SHOW the configs that are causing issues. More SHOW, less TALK.

    What do we need?
    The fstab.
    The permissions on the mount point - ls -al
    Something that shows there is a file system - df -Th or there are some lsblk options which will show it.

    Please. With code tags.


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