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Thread: terminal logon screen changed on its own

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    terminal logon screen changed on its own

    Hi everyone!
    My Terminal window changed the home path and now when i open it it has a line that is very strange.
    Last login: Sun Jan 19 10:57:58 on ttys000android-b71a3356b3375efc:~ vladimir$

    I did open my iOS years ago through fink project and it worked fine until recently, in fact everything still works and the confusion is where that android name and number came from and why it`s there.
    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    If anyone knows anything about this please let me know, also there is a possibility that someone hacked into it because I did use some "B" protected military USB drive that had a hidden partition on it.

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    Re: terminal logon screen changed on its own

    Thread moved to the Mac OSX sub-forum.

    @vlada981, this forum is for users of the Ubuntu family of operating systems. The sub-forums for other operating systems are really only for the convenience of Ubuntu users when they need help with their other OSs. As a first time poster this is an unusual choice of forum for getting help with Mac OSX. The best place to find help for Mac OSX is on a Mac forum. I'll leave this thread open in case a forum member here does have an answer for you, and I wish you good luck in finding a suitable venue for your question.
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    Re: terminal logon screen changed on its own

    Sorry, I am also Ubuntu user, I run Ubuntu on every laptop I`ve had in last 12 years. Also as I mentioned my iMac is opened as I have used fink project to be able to use Ubuntu commands and programs on my mac, I will not get any kind of support at any official Apple site because of that...


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