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Thread: Ubuntu 19 stuck on login

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    Ubuntu 19 stuck on login

    I need some help, i install ubuntu 19, a popup came up with updates i did that, restarted and now its stuck on the log in screen like, i click my name put my password in notting. GPU is gtx 1060 or somthing like that CPU is fx 144 i think the drive is a ssd sandisk.
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    Re: Ubuntu 19 stuck on login

    Next time please use standard text layout. I can only read your text if I mark it as a block.

    Since it's a new install there is no reason to salvage it. Reinstall and reject all pop-ups which might appear.

    After this do the update using the commands
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt dist-upgrade
    If you then post their output in CODE tags we have a better chance of knowing what's going on.
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