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Thread: High CPU usage by Xorg and kworker

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    High CPU usage by Xorg and kworker

    Hello I am currently having an issue with my computer (teclast-F5 with gemini lake cpu 8GB of ram) and I hope you can help me.

    The issue :
    The computer is new and on windows the task "system" and "system interrupt" were using a lot of CPU (about 80%). Since I wanted to change to linux I didn't try fix the problem and i have change for linux mint (xfce version). Which were very laggy but the task manager weren't showing anything strange even if I think that the cpu were also over use. So I have change to ubuntu and the same problem occur. Very laggy no problem on the process section of task manager but in the ressource section CPU1 is use at 50% and CPU2 at 100% (3 4 seems to have normal use). I have run a Top command in the terminal and it appear Xorg is using 100% CPU and kworker 50%.

    What have I try :
    The only thing that I have try is putting the bios setting of my computer to default which doesn't have change anything (there is a lot of different option in there but I am to afraid to touch anything).
    I have tried compatibility mod but haven't change anything

    From what i have seen on different thread this problem can have many different cause and is often related to graphical driver.

    I fear that the problem is no more "hardware" than "software" and that I will have to dealt with warranty refund

    Thanks for your attention and I hope you will have a clue.

    My config from inxi command :
    CPU~Quad core Intel Celeron N4100 (-MCP-) speed/max~1989/2400 MHz Kernel~5.3.0-26-generic x86_64 Up~1:22 Mem~1702.1/7792.6MB HDD~256.1GB(2.9% used) Procs~247 Client~Shell inxi~2.3.56
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