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Thread: Ignore List

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    Ignore List

    Please, how to put an user on the ignore list here, or block?

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    Re: Ignore List

    Post moved to the "Forum Feedback & Help" forum.

    From the forum front page, Quick Links > General Settings > Edit Ignore List

    You won't stop members from posting in your thread not will you avoid what is quoted by others. If someone oversteps the boundaries of decency the post can be reported.

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    Re: Ignore List

    I would like to inform the forum administrators that the double posts are created because of a bug, indeed when posting it can easily happen the following:
    (it could be because of the user comes back, but I do not am aware of having done that)
    -the post is sent but the thread is not updated, so even refreshing the page, the post does not appear as published.
    -the page itself is the same, that is, the editor is opened and the text is there as it wants to be posted, it sort of "asks to be posted", this is how it appears to the user.
    So it is not meaningful or fair to put the post in jail. Both posts are removed, why?
    This happened with the "Post Quick Reply" option, as to this episode, I do not know whether it can happens with "Go Advanced" too.
    I hope no bug happens now that I am going to post.
    Thanks for your response.

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    Re: Ignore List

    There is no bug. You posted the now-jailed duplicate over two hours after the original, which was moved to form the first post of this thread.

    You have been told by pm why both posts were moved.

    Howefield has told you how to access your ignore list. Please be aware that you will need ten posts in support areas before you will be able to do this.

    Thread closed.
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