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Thread: boot problem

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    Exclamation boot problem

    yesterday i installed ubuntu on to a USB and it boots just fine. just since then my pc has been constantly Booting into a GNU GRUB menu, ive tried changing the boot device to windows 10 but the GNU GRUB menu will appear anyway plz help

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    Re: boot problem

    In order to boot the Ubuntu from a usb you would have had to make a change in the boot options in the BIOS firmware to boot from the usb. Did you change it back to the hard drive? If you simply booted the usb and 'tried' Ubuntu, it should have no effect on booting windows. Is the Ubuntu on the usb (flash drive?) the live installer? How (what software) did you use to put Ubuntu on the flash drive?

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    Re: boot problem

    When you dual-boot, there will always be that GRUB menu; it can't be disabled. I dual-boot Manjaro and Ubuntu MATE (for old times' sake), and the GRUB menu always comes up.

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