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Thread: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

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    Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    Can someone tell me if, ASK UBUNTU and the Ubuntu anywhere are connected? And even further if someone will help my company
    grow, like in size of resources for information, are there any UBUNTU online features someone care to share and tell something about?
    Both Ubuntu Forums and ask Ubuntu are hosted by Canonical though this forum predates Ask Ubuntu and they include many of the same volunteers providing support. Canonical does offer Ubuntu professional support.
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    Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    Quote Originally Posted by xcfstarflight1 View Post
    I cannot post any threads on "General" channel. I wrote a large importent for my work related business
    forward and it all got deleted even now on "New to UBUNTU" channel.. Why?
    There is nothing in your profile preventing you from starting new threads in General Help or on the New to Ubuntu sub-forums, or in most of the other sub-forums. I don't know what you mean by channels. Do you mean sub-forums?

    Just go to the sub-forum of your choice and click on the Post New Thread button to start a new thread. New to Ubuntu is here - - and the Post New thread button is the big orange one on the left.
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    Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    404 means that the http web server could not find the requested file.

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