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Thread: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

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    Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    Hi there,

    I've recenty installed Ubuntu 19.10 on an old laptop of mine, and I'm amazed on some of the leaps and bounds that Ubuntu has made since the last time I've used it. For some background, I first used Ubuntu from Gutsy Gibbon (7.10 I think?) to Trusty Tahr, where it was no longer suitable for my needs so I switched to mac (I was a music production student so I needed to used QLAB and Pro Tools). Some of the Ubuntu-UK LoCo may remember me, such as Popey and themactep...

    Ive always loved how Ubuntu wasn't afraid to do things their own way in order to deliver a positive user experience, and while some improvements have been made, I can't help but feel there are some areas for improvement. As a longtime returning user, I hope my feedback is both useful and constructive!

    Either way, I as an Ubuntu user come back after a while I have some feedback, I don't know whether it's helpful at all, but here it is:

    NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications are a different colour from each other; the notifications that appear at the top of the screen are grey, whereas those that appear when changing the volume/brightness are black, and both are are different colour from the dock, which is semi-translucent. All 3 should be the same colour. And consieration should be made for desktop notification to appear top right so they are less intrusve.

    WINDOW DECORATIONS: I Love how ubuntu/gnome has incorporated the window decor and window menus, however, in my opinion the X/Square/Minus buttons should be on the left of the window, so that when a window is maximised, it helps the Activites/App Title menu stand out a bit more, as at present it isn't really clear that they do anything.

    SUPERKEY: Should bring up the apps menu instead of the activities menu, as this is the function most people expect of the Super Key.

    RHYTHMBOX: It's far too basic looking, and doesn't rip album data from the internet as well as Asunder. While it's good that it plays itunes podcasts, something that rips album metadata better, and that is more visual than simply displaying a text list of artists and albums would be better. Rhythmbox is not good at automatically finding album artwork; and therefore doesn't have the visual appeal that Windows Media Player or itunes does.

    DOCK: The Rubbish bin/thrash should be in the dock as opposed to the desktop, and the applications icon should be at the top showing the ubuntu icon instead to make it both stand out and visually appealing. Also the dock sensitivity is set way too low for me, and although I know how to change it, common users may not. For me, 'pressure-threshold' should be set to 50, and 'show-delay' should be set to 0.2.

    EMAIL: Although Mozilla thunderbird is a fully fledged email client, it isn't the most user friendly. Mailspring should be considered for its usability with a wide variety of email systems, and it's ease of use. consider both win10 mail and MacOS mail for comparison, both are very simple mail clients to use compared to thunderbird.

    OFFICE: Similar to Thunderbird. Libreoffice appears both outdated and complicated compared to MS Office. For compatibility to MSO and usability, ONLYOFFICE or WPSOffice should be considered as modern Office suites.

    I hope this feedback is read by the Ubuntu team, and considered for future releases. Overall am very satisfied with the direction Ubuntu has taken, however I would consider myself an above average knowledge user, and hope this feedback can be used to improve the experience for average-knowldge users.

    LW93 x

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    Re: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    Kubuntu has Koffice and Kmail. it also has a more feature rich media players. not to say there aren't plenty in and outside of repositories.there are so many different options but the fact is that Libre office and Thunderbird have the biggest support (with addons) and user base. must be there is a good reason for that. WPS is not opensource and is of questionable origin. on the other hand libre office has ribbon now for those that prefer it. because that is really the major difference with ms office. that and maybe more functions with instant edit available on right click.

    also launchpad should be used for feedback to devs. we are just users here.
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
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    Re: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    I like Evolution for a mail client, it's worth a shot. Integrates with Gmail if you need it, calendars, fairly good support channels. Never liked Thunderbird on any platform.

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    Re: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    LiamWilson; Hello -

    I was a music production student so I needed to used QLAB and Pro Tools
    Are you aware that ubuntu studio exist to meet media needs ?

    my bit to try and help
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    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Cool Re: Feedback as a returning Ubuntu user

    I did not care for the Dock, still getting accustom to it. Rather have start icon with the menu style.
    I prefer Apache Open Office for my self, saveable in any microsft. format just about similar to libre office.
    I miss having multiple desktops on Ubuntu. At least 2 desktops make working environments easier for me.
    Basically I miss the older version of Ubuntu. 7.04 Feisty Fawn to 10.04 Lucid Lynx. I do like Thunderbird for
    mail works just fine, rather check mail on mail server its self. I am interested in the new version 20.04 LTS.
    No matter why I always download and enjoy Ubuntu's new versions. I left Ubuntu for a while Linux
    distro hopping. One thing I really enjoy is Ubuntu Night Light. It does reduce the amount of eye strain.
    Which is completely adjustable, version 19.10.


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