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Thread: Using Ubuntu for work

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    Using Ubuntu for work

    Im a nodejs web developer in my company, and Im being told I need to buy a laptop. luxury apartments in thane
    The sort of two final candidates Im considering is either an i7 + 16GB RAM 16 1 bhk in mulund MacBook Pro around 2600, or an i7 + 32 GB RAM 15 Dell XPS 15 7590 around 1700 (duh!). real estate marketing consultants
    Im not an Apple user, but last time I tried to work professionally with suraj palette my previous laptop (MSI GS85), I found myself either struggling with Windows 10 and his lack of a multi-desktop sort of structure (+WSL in the background to run the code), or installing Ubuntu 18.04, and having lots of troubles and hiccups to get the drivers and everything working. Even after that, still some random reboots and crashes (not a complaint btw, senior citizen homes I understand not all laptops are equally compatible with Ubuntu).
    There is also the fact that there is some business software, as Adobe Creative Cloud and stuff like that, that I cant run at all over Linux (or so I believe, correct me if wrong).
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    Re: Using Ubuntu for work

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    Re: Using Ubuntu for work

    If there is software you need to run for work, and it does not run on Linux, that would seal the deal for me.
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    Re: Using Ubuntu for work

    If you have a spare computer sitting idle at home you could try installing Buntu to see if the program selection is enough for your business needs.
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    Re: Using Ubuntu for work

    Quote Originally Posted by jacoblobo View Post
    There is also the fact that there is some business software, as Adobe Creative Cloud and stuff like that, that I cant run at all over Linux
    If you don't use Adobe Creative Cloud then it doesn't matter whether they make a version for Linux or not.

    Dell sell laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed if you want to use Linux for work without any hassle.
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    Re: Using Ubuntu for work

    Buy the system that meets your needs. Dell tends to be very well supported. Apple makes excellent hardware too, but you'll need to get used to the missing keys on that keyboard and alway have to make some special settings - apple-only - to get everything working. I miss my old Dell laptop keyboard all the time. IMHO, Dell makes the best keyboards for laptops.

    No computer should be crashing regardless of the OS installed, ever. A hardware fault or poor driver support are the only reasons I know for a crash. Generally, if you get a 1-2 yr old model, then the driver issues will be figured out. I have a VM server system here in a lab that's been running ...
    $ uptime
     13:40:36 up 195 days, 15 min,
    This is not odd for Linux. Back in the 1990s, I had servers running over 2 yrs between reboots.

    I know nothing about Windows10, WSL, and wouldn't ever use anything from Adobe unless I made money using it. For about 15 yrs, I was in the Adobe PDF ecosystem and saw both brilliant and dumb management decisions by that company. Seek alternatives. I never intend to give Adobe either money or time again, but if you don't have any choice, then, depending on the amount of time you actually spend using those tools would be a key decision factor for consideration.


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