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If it is useful to know, I can point out that the bluetooth headphones are working perfectly with my Android smartphone.
Using some random Linux distros on the Asus S300CA laptop I could experience prolonged periods of acceptable functioning in A2DP mode, although the system used to kick that sink out when it would.
Is it possible to force the A2DP option in some config files (although I do not want to break my two-day fresh system)?
Not really helpful to know since your phone isnt doing the same things your pc does and is using a different os. Don't matter if you like the answer or not, but everything points to your headphones. The
fact it does the same thing on any pc using different hardware and os from win to linux, and it behaves the same way. celticwarrior said that the device tells the system what it can do and it works. your
headphones are either defective or junk. you can try to put a .asoundrc file out there to do things but that aint gonna change junk hardware. And if your walking around your room with headphones on
and it stutters but have yoru phone in your pocket that explains alot.