Im trying to setup a simple print server on a vlan using Ubuntu Server 18.04. I have the netplan working. I can ping on the vlan, I can ping out to the internet, i can even use spider to get out of the network and see http pages, I can also ping the servers which apt says are unreachable. The only issue i have is apt... every time i try to use apt i get nothing... it says it cant reach the servers.

Here is my netplan config:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
    ens33: {}
        id: 40
        link: ens33
        addresses: []
           addresses: []
I've been working on this for two days... and I just cant see the problem. I'm just hoping someone catches the issue. BTW no firewall and no IPTABLES have been set into this setup. I figured i would get it all working before added more things. I also tried turning off all offloads as i've heard those can strip vlan tags. I have several other devices on this vlan which operate fine. I have my trunks laid out and i know this issue isn't on the network side of things.